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Global Game Jam 2022 48hrs

"Risk of cos tam" is an adventurous game where two different worlds (tech and magical forest) are mirrored against each other in the way that we can see enemy's world like it was on the roof. On each world there's one player spawned who is supposed to defend his own world and attack enemy's. You can do this by activating pillar that grows into enemy world and drains energy from it. Enemy player in order to defend, has to come up to corresponding pillar on his own world and activate it. The game ends when one of the players loses whole energy points of his world.

Łukasz Walichnowski - 3D art, modeling, ue
Wiktor Jarmonik - Rigging, Animating, Character FX, little bit of texturing
Łukasz Szykowny - Programming
Krzysztof Marcinowski - Programming
Tomasz Dabert - 3D art
"Loa Frida" - Anka Ujma & Pierre Carsalade - music and sound design